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Product of the Month: Telerik for cross-platform mobile development

Telerik's cloud-based, cross-platform mobile development software is the March 2014 enterprise application Product of the Month.

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Product of the Month: Telerik Platform from Telerik

Release date: Jan. 28, 2014

What it does

Telerik Platform is a cloud services-based, cross-platform mobile development suite that enables hybrid HTML5 and native development in an automated interface. While native apps can deliver strong performance, security and low-bandwidth robustness, native coding usually calls for standardizing on one mobile platform. HTML5 allows developers to write one codebase for multiple devices.

What sets it apart

Users have turned to Telerik Platform for what they say is its efficacy with Web, hybrid and native development on multiple platforms -- including JavaScript, HTML5, PHP and .NET -- for any type of mobile device. They also singled out its ease of integration with development workloads. Inside the product are tool sets for mobile application design, development, testing and deployment. Automated management tools enable data, integration and user management.

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What users say

When Arlington Heights, Ill.-based Paylocity Corp. first ventured into mobile development, the issue of using a native versus a hybrid code approach was hotly debated.

Chuck Cooper, chief information security officer and enterprise architecture VP, PaylocityChuck Cooper

"But with the new Telerik Platform, we don't necessarily have to choose one or the other now," said Chuck Cooper, chief information security officer and enterprise architecture VP at Paylocity, a provider of cloud-based payroll and human capital management software. "We can support all the different strategies with one code base and one platform. That's awesome, because cross-platform support is a big deal."

Glenfield Digital Group, an independent software vendor, systems integrator and marketing agency in Australia, used Telerik Platform this year to create and release a mobile application for one of its clients. The application helps marine service providers keep their fleet information accurate; highly visual; centralized; and published to a wide variety of media, such as Web, mobile app, print and visual displays.

Richard Sojka, managing director, Glenfield Digital GroupRichard Sojka

"Telerik Platform provided a centralized development area accessible in the cloud for deployment of apps [and] with a comprehensive hosting framework and full analytical services to track usage and other variables," said Richard Sojka, managing director at Glenfield.


Telerik Platform has four editions: Starter, Professional, Business and Enterprise. The Starter Edition is free and includes two projects per service. The Professional Edition is $79 per user per month and has unlimited projects. The Business Edition is $149 per user per month and has unlimited projects; it has all the features of the Professional Edition and additional ones as well. The Enterprise Edition has all the features of the Business Edition, plus others. Its pricing depends on enterprise needs. The Telerik Platform pricing page has more details on the features of each edition.

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