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SAP's enterprise PaaS lets businesses extend cloud and legacy apps

By utilizing other SAP tools such as the Cloud Connector and Web IDE, and partnering with Cloud Foundry, SAP's enterprise PaaS helps businesses achieve digital transformation.

SAP Cloud Platform is the company's enterprise platform as a service (PaaS) for application development. SAP allows customers to generate and deploy applications in fewer steps by storing data in secure off-site environments and handling all maintenance and scaling. SAP Cloud Platform is designed to accommodate individuals, SMBs and enterprises with support for multiple programming languages and a range of integration features. SAP Cloud Platform works well for businesses looking to extend their cloud or legacy software.

At any stage in the development process, the Cloud Connector, an on-premises integration agent, along with built-in application program interfaces and SAP Cloud Platform Integration, allow secure interaction between the SAP Cloud Platform and customers' pre-existing, on-premises or software-as-a-service technologies, whether proprietary or third-party. SAP's enterprise PaaS (formerly, SAP HANA Cloud Platform) recently introduced new features that are aimed more at business-driven initiatives. This includes providing tools that allow businesses to develop internet of things and big data-focused products.

How SAP Cloud Platform helps businesses build apps

SAP offers a beta of Cloud Foundry for the Cloud Platform, which enables developers to choose from various programming languages and frameworks, including buildpacks for Java and Node.js, as well as support for custom buildpacks (e.g., Hypertext Preprocessor, Python, Ruby, Go). By connecting to Cloud Foundry, SAP Cloud Platform becomes an enterprise PaaS that leverages and uses open standards and established open source tools. During development, the web-based development environment SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE handles application prototyping, packaging and deployment and also customizes extensions.

SAP Cloud Platform works well for businesses looking to extend their cloud or legacy software.

With customizable, interactive workflow tools, the Agile Data Preparation feature imports multiple data sets from on premises, the cloud or other data sources and consolidates information to ensure transparency among users. SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise offers secure data storage and monitoring with predictive analytics, spatial processing and data virtualization on the same architecture. This key SAP Cloud Platform integration allows businesses to build and run transactional applications at a high performance.

To maintain the protection of sensitive data, the SAP's enterprise PaaS supports different authentication and single sign-on scenarios based on technologies such as the Open Authorization Framework, security assertion markup language and X.509 certificates. To ensure compliance with international standards, SAP regularly conducts additional security assessments through third-party consultants.

SAP Cloud Platform's pricing plans

SAP's enterprise PaaS pricing can be determined based on business size and project scale. There are nine total packages, in three categories: developer, medium business and enterprise. A la carte options are also available (e.g., extra bandwidth, additional custom domains).

For developers, SAP offers a free edition that includes access to the Cloud Connector integration management system, Portal Service web-authoring tools and Mobile Service enterprise mobility management tools. For medium sized businesses, the professional edition of SAP's enterprise PaaS includes the same core features of the free developer edition along with augmented identity management and authentication tools.

The professional edition starts at €23 ($24) per user, per month; the single application is €39 ($41) per user, per month; and the multiple application edition is €118 ($127) per user, per month. For enterprises, pricing ranges from €1500 ($1,612) to €15,000 ($16,129) per month and includes advanced, personalized resources. All customers have access to support via SAP's website, with community resources and incident tracking.

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