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Salesforce cloud event pushes social media model

As one of the few early cloud computing darlings, has led a life as an outlier among outliers. What's next? It is integrating social media models.

Over more than a decade now, has proved to be a fascinating industry force, whether the stage it played on was called Customer Relationship Management, Application Service Provider, Software as a Service, or cloud computing.  Now it may be setting its sights on social media.

This roguish move is fully in character. As one of the few early cloud computing darlings, the company led a life as an outlier among outliers. Its cloud undertaking originally offered a proprietary language called Apex. Since then it has added additional mainstream open-source software language coverage in the form of support for Ruby via the Ruby on Rails framework and Java via the Spring framework. But Salesforce still finds pride in the outlier role.

A Salesforce road show pulled into Boston last week, and several TechTarget reporters were in attendance.  The reporters discovered a company ready to lambaste the present 'hardware heavy' tone of cloud computing – and a company ready to shun the 'cloud' label altogether. Their reports suggest that eagerness to embrace social media applications may be a Salesforce's undercurrent that is about to turn into a torrent. The reports include views on Salesforce Founder, Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, the colorful leader on hand at the Boston event.

Reviewing the so-called Cloudforce road show,'s own James Denman remarked on Salesforce's apparent desire to ride the new wave of social media applications, but with a twist. He points out the significance the company puts on the messaging middleware model underlying Salesforce's Chatter social network offering going forward.


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New styles of social media and messaging middleware were front and center at's recent Cloudforce event. Salesforce's Chatter is said to add social networking functionality like feeds and profiles to existing enterprise applications. Background complex event processing is in the mix, too. [SOATalk Blog]

Salesforce moves beyond the cloud to 'the social enterprise' came to Boston as part of its Cloudforce road show and CEO Marc Benioff made it clear that the company’s focus moving forward will be on social computing.The event in Boston and an earlier one in D.C. are partly a way for Benioff to test out his messaging before Dreamforce,’s annual user conference. [A Business Application Summation Blog]

The cloud vs. converged hardware
In Boston last week, master marketeer Marc Benioff decried much of the noise from hardware vendors seeking to unload pricey server-storage-networking bundles as nothing more than the rantings of a “false cloud” that is “not economical, not environmental and not democratic.” [Channel Marker Blog]

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