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Ten top SOA news trend stories of 2009

Take a look at some of the top stories in SOA from 2009, including Oracle's acquistion of Sun and the growth of the cloud.

By Rob Barry

The year started with the ''death of SOA'' as a host of industry pundits mourned its supposed decline. Yet, oddly, SOA soldiered on through 2009, and even became the subject of a SOA Manifesto at one point. Clearly the blockbuster purchase of the year was Oracle's purchase of Sun, which is still somewhat up in the air as the EC reviews the merger in late December. During the year, cloud computing came to the fore, and it was a central motivator in another major purchase—VMWare's acquisition of SpringSource. At the risk of jumping the proverbial gun, here are some of the top SOA news stories from our site in 2009.

New year—same old SOA tempests?
As we entered 2009, the SOA space continued to resemble a teapot in which tempests are always blowing. A look at the First Day's e-mailbox showed a missive courtesy of Burton Group and SOA Practice VP Anne Thomas Manes, which proclaimed that "SOA is Dead." Despite this 'news,' the editor of decided to come to work the next day, and not for the purpose of dissecting a corpse.[ 07 Jan 2009]

SOA growth and change: SaaS and BPM emerging
With a difficult economic climate as background, a shift is under way in both the types of infrastructure and the types of service-based applications organizations plan for their service-oriented architecture. Software architects and their development teams are looking toward infrastructure software such as grid and cloud computing. [22 Mar 2009]

UML-based SoaML attacks SOA services modeling issues
SOA has made progress through the years without an associated language—and some people would say a SOA language in itself would not be a good idea. But what about a UML profile that might help architects and developers better describe the services at the heart of SOA? That is in part the goal of SoaML, the Service oriented architecture Modeling Language. [08 Apr 2009]

Oracle-Sun combo: What does it mean for enterprise Java?
Oracle's $7.4-billion offer to buy Java-originator Sun Microsystems re-arranges the enterprise Java landscape, but does not greatly disrupt the status quo, according to users and analysts. If completed, the deal would give Oracle far more control over Java standards. [20 Apr 2009]

IBM CloudBurst tackles cloud configuration issues IBM released a hardware appliance this year meant to ease deployment of on-premise "private clouds," the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance. The CloudBurst release at least in part addresses how you deploy and manage applications and services on cloud infrastructure. As an appliance, CloudBurst comes with out-of-the-box virtual images and patterns. This move represented a general interest in what is called the 'private cloud.' [04 May 2009]

How much am I going to pay for that open source ESB?
Open source ESB tools got a lot of press with the availability of Apache ServiceMix, Mule, and Progress Software's FUSE. Jess Thompson, Research Vice President at Gartner, said that Open Source ESBs make sense if you are careful during the development process to be standards conformant. But when you contemplate moving to production, the risk of encountering a bug is too much for all but leading-edge organizations, which are willing to trade risks for the competitive advantage they obtain. [08 Jul 2009]

Azure cloud on horizon: The devil is in the data architecture details
Microsoft's Azure cloud development architecture, has gone through changes on its way to general availability in the coming year. For example, timing on plans for supporting innovative workflow services APIs has shifted. More pointedly, the data architecture at the heart of Azure has come in for serious reworking. Through the year, a focus has switched from a RESTful data architecture to one based in traditional SQL. [09 Jul 2009]

VMware acquisition of SpringSource may lead to Java PaaS
VMware acquired enterprise Java application framework specialist SpringSource this year, suggesting the virtualization provider intends to become more involved in application development. RedMonk analyst, Michael Cote said it would be interesting to see if VMware uses this to create a Java platform as a service. The acquisition could even change the way some applications are delivered. [12 Aug 2009]

Teams pursue SOA and MDM
Building a consistent architecture for data is what MDM is about. When SOA is involved, that means building a consistent approach to encapsulating and delivering data as services. Observers suggest that some SOA projects that have taken on MDM have tried to "boil the sea"—taken on too ambitious a search for the best data. Some SOA projects have faltered for ignoring the issue of accessing consistent data. [26 Aug 2009]

During EC hearing, Sun Microsystems releases Java EE6, NetBeans 6.8 and GlassFish v3
Even as the European Commission was holding its first a hearing on concerns from the Oracle-Sun acquisition in December, Sun Microsystems released three much-awaited items: Java EE6, NetBeans IDE 6.8 and GlassFish Enterprsie Server v3. This SOA-friendly hat trick no-doubt come as a comfort to some who worried Sun might slow its engines during the complicated acquisition. Though Sun's future is still uncertain, it still works toward a more lightweight, componentized Java. [Dec 14 2009]

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