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Webcast: Pragmatic BPM and SOA

In this webcast, independent analyst and architect Sandy Kemsley details how and why to take a practical approach to Business Process Management (BPM).

About this BPM and SOA webcast:
BPM and SOA are two of the most powerful trends in enterprise software today. How do these disciplines impact one another? How can software architects field successful BPM systems using SOA? Independent Analyst and Systems Architect Sandy Kelmsley shows you the way. This webcast covers service discovery and specification and process modeling as well as BPM best practices and the challenges of BPM and SOA projects implementation.

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About the speaker:
Sandy Kemsley is an independent Toronto-based analyst and systems architect, specializing in business process management and Enterprise 2.0. She formed and led her own e-commerce and BPM companies, and served as Director of eBusiness Evangelism at FileNet (now IBM). Currently, she practices as a BPM analyst and architect, performing engagements for end-user organizations and BPM vendors; she also writes the popular "Column 2" BPM blog at and is a contributing author on several social media-related blogs.

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