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Year-end review of BPM, SOA, and cloud news with the CEO of OMG

Richard Soley, CEO of the Object Management Group, discusses year-end trends in BPM, SOA, cloud computing and enterprise architecture in this videocast. recently caught up with Richard Soley, CEO of the Object Management Group (OMG) to get a sense of where IT is headed. Soley discussed a variety of issues, including the future of IT, cloud and SOA. He said BPM and SOA can be tricky to integrate together, but are a very useful pair.

"BPM has focused more on the process that implements the capabilities of the organization," said Soley. "SOA has focused on the way that we architect those into a solution that integrates the enterprise. We at OMG think those are very complimentary concepts."

One issue now coming to the forefront is aligning IT with the business. Though this has always been critical to an enterprise, investing in modern BPM and SOA can make it doubly so. Soley said enterprise architects will be charged with keeping IT an integrated part of the business as the industry moves forward. Especially as cloud computing provides more enterprise services on demand, home-grown IT systems will likely grow smaller and smaller.

As time goes by, software infrastructure will come to be seen in much the same way that electric utility infrastructure is seen today, says Soley. In the same way that corporate electrical departments slowly disappeared after the complexity of using electricity wore off, Soley predicts IT departments will shrink to more basic functions in the near future.

"They're going to be the people that replace the PCs, fix the power cords and change the light bulbs," Soley said. "They're going to be the janitors." In the meantime, the enterprise architect, he suggests, will become more deeply embedded in core corporate planning. The enterprise won't be looking to more deeply align IT with the business—IT will be the business.

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