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Web services diagnostics tool updated

Mindreef updates its SOAPscope Web services diagnostics systems, with new features that simplify sharing of problem data with specialists.

Mindreef Inc., of Hollis, N.H., announced today that version 4.0 of its SOAPscope Web services diagnostics system is available.

SOAPscope captures and assembles Web services problems and shares them between developers, testers, operations and support teams.

Version 4.0 includes new fetures like support for secure Web services using SSL certificates and diagnostic support for the recently released WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 and WS-I Attachments Profile 1.0.

Also included is a new Workspace feature that creates a place to collect and organize problem data collected by the diagnostics system. A new Packaging feature is a file format that enables sharing of the problem data with the appropriate support person.

Workspace gasters WSDL and relevant SOAP messages including hidden elements like WSDL import files and SwA/MIME attachments to SOAP messages, associated with a Web services issue. Workspace is then e-mailed to a developer who imports what was gathered into their Workspace where the problem can be reproduced using SOAPscope features like Message Resend or WSDL Invoke.

SOAPscope 4.0 costs $99 for an annual subscription, which includes support and upgrades. It can be downloaded from the Mindreef Web site.

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