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Web services message reliability spec published

WS-Reliability 1.1 was introduced by OASIS this weekend. The specification guarantees message delivery, eliminates message duplication and guarantees messages are sent in order within a group.

OASIS published over the weekend version 1.1 of the Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-Reliability) specification.

WS-Reliability is a SOAP-based spec that outlines Web services messaging requirements. Ultimately, following the spec ensures that messages are delivered and any duplicate messages are eliminated between the sender and receiver of a Web services message, or a service provider and users of that service.

The specification defines semantics for guaranteed message delivery, duplicate elimination or the ordering of messages delivered within a group.

SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 are the spec's base protocols. The spec also defines reliable messaging protocol features that are expressed as extension header blocks in the SOAP header. It can be used in conjunction with WS-Security, SOAP Message Security 1.0 and also defines how to use reliability in compliance with the WS-I Basic Profile 1.1.

WS-ReliableMessaging is a related specification created by BEA, IBM, Microsoft and Tibco. This spec defines a modular mechanism for reliable message delivery. It identifies, tracks and manages message delivery between two parties and defines a SOAP binding required for interoperability.

WS-ReliableMessaging provides an interoperable protocol that a Reliable Messaging (RM) Source and Reliable Messaging (RM) Destination use to provide application source and destinations a guarantee that a message that is sent will be delivered. The guarantee is specified as a delivery assurance, OASIS said in a statement.

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