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The definitive SOA definition

Can you define a service-oriented architecture in 50 words or less? We dare you.

Michael S. Mimoso, Senior News Editor

From the editor

Is there a bigger challenge in IT than coming up with a concrete definition for a service-oriented architecture?

Every resource on the Web, this one included, has its own perspective on exactly what makes up an SOA. But there's hardly a consensus.

Hopefully this won't dissolve into an exercise in futility, but we'd like to come up with the definitive SOA definition. So, we're calling on you, the enterprise developers and decision makers who use our site, to send in your best definition of an SOA.

Keep it to 50 words or less -- yes that's a tougher challenge -- so it's gotta be concise. Ideally, we'll compile all the answers we get into a single definition of an SOA. Also, we'll likely print all the responses we get.

Send your definitions in an e-mail to the news team.

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