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OASIS forms new DCML technical committees

OASIS announced the formation of four new technical committees that will support the Data Center Markup Language (DCML) specification.

Standards body OASIS announced last week it has formed four new technical committees to support the Data Center Markup Language Organization.


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DCML joins industry heavyweights as an OASIS initiative announced in August it would advance through OASIS its specification, which describes all elements of the data center and how to build them, including descriptions of sequential procedures, required versions, patches and more.

The new OASIS DCML Framework Technical Committee, the OASIS DCML Server Technical Committee, the OASIS DCML Network Technical Committee, and the OASIS DCML Applications and Services Technical Committee will develop standards for data center infrastructure management.

"Today's complex IT environments are managed in silos of information and demand a data model and format to effectively exchange this information," said Dr. Tim Howes of Opsware, chair of the OASIS DCML Framework Technical Committee, in a release. "Our goal is to enable the systems and people managing data centers to exchange crucial configuration, policy, and operating information in a reliable, standardized manner across all products, methods, and topologies."

The DCML Framework Technical Committee will lay down the basic definitions to describe a data center, and will be the foundation of the other DCML committees, which will develop sub-specifications for specific types of information.

The DCML Applications and Services Technical Committee will define extensions to represent abstract application and services architectures and specific products. The DCML Network Technical Committee will design a data model and XML-based format for the exchange of information about networking elements in the data center. The DCML Server Technical Committee will facilitate the representation and management of information about logical or physical compute resource in the data center, OASIS said in a statement.

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