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Cape Clear releases new Orchestrator to beta

Cape Clear Software has released a test version of its BPM tool, Cape Clear Orchestrator, which includes a native BPEL 1.1 engine, and graphical design and management enhancements.

Cape Clear Software Inc. of Waltham, Mass. announced today it has released a beta version of its new business process management tool, Cape Clear Orchestrator.


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Orchestrator will be included in the vendor's enterprise service bus offering (ESB) in the fourth quarter, and includes a native BPEL 1.1 runtime and graphical design and management enhancements.

The tool is tightly integrated with Cape Clear's Web services data and application integration platform, unlike other BPM tools, the company said.

Orchestrator features an Eclipse-based graphical environment for designing business processes. The design element includes wizards to help users create new processes and quickly orchestrate existing Web services into the environment.

"Users with no technology background can use it," CEO Annrai O'Toole said. "Account managers, for example, can use it to map transactions to the back end. Wizards put the data in the right formats."

It also includes a native BPEL 1.1 engine to deploy long-running and asynchronous business processes. Management capabilities monitor and control deployed business processes, including support for fault handling and event handling and configurable business rules based on the message content.

"The BPEL orchestration engine executes script linked to the message transport layer," O'Toole said. "The graphical management environment, meanwhile, allows you to see failures and intervene."

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