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Systinet updates its Web services registry

Version 5.5 of Systinet Business Services Registry adds new management and mapping capabilities.

Systinet Corp. of Cambridge, Mass., announced today the availability of the next version of its UDDI registry, Systinet Business Services Registry 5.5.


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A critical piece of an service-oriented architecture and Web services deployments, registries enables enterprises to discover, catalog and reuse Web services internally or between trusted business partners.

Systinet 5.5's new features allow companies to align business processes with Web-based applications and services and reuse those components across a network or the Internet.

Those new features include a configurable business service browser, advanced service classification management and SOA mapping and publishing information wizards.

"We added new capabilities that support SOA governance and lifecycle management," said vice president of marketing David Butler. "Enterprises can now integrate Web services into their infrastructure with the registry as the foundation."

Business users and developers can gain access to business services via the configurable console, enabling them to navigate and search for services. The advanced classification management helps document processes to the registry and relate services to those processes. Finally, the SOA mapping and publishing wizards helps companies manage and characterize SOA information, adding and accessing policy information as well as XML schema, WSDL, BPEL and versioning information.

"You need a registry to add governance to Web services," Butler said. "Things can get out of control fast. You don't need to have a lot of services, just a few, and if you're not capable of discovering this information, you'll quickly realize things may be out of version and you won't realize what is broken."

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