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Jetson J2EE automation toolset available

DataSource Inc.'s new Jetson J2EE automation toolset enables legacy developers to transition to Java development.

Data Source Inc. of Greenbelt, Maryland, a J2EE development tool vendor, announced late last week the availability of Jetson, the company's automation toolset for the development of J2EE applications.

The vendor is positioning these tools as simple to use, enabling companies to preserve their investment in legacy developers, who can easily transition to J2EE development using the Jetson tool.

Jetson features automation for Enterprise Java Beans development where business components are exposed as Web services and Java remote method invocation (RMI). It also supports Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server 1.0 databases. It works with an easy interface for the input of business rules, promising 50% productivity gains.

Jetson 1.0 supports the J2EE specification version 1.3, which includes 17 sub-specifications. In addition, the generated code can include Web Services which conform to the SOAP standard. Jetson also provides automated deployment for JBoss 3.2.x, WebLogic 8.1 and 6.1, and WebSphere 5.1 application servers, DataSource said in a statement.

Jetson is available in three different editions, small business ($999), professional ($2,499) and enterprise ($3,499).

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