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Data federation, integration key to Avaki update

Avaki Corp., released an update to its flagship integration software, which includes a new modeling environment and the ability to scale a single data layer enterprise wide.

Vendor Avaki Corp., today released an update to its flagship integration software with new features around data federation and integration, as well as a scalable distributed architecture that supports an enterprise-wide abstraction layer, the company said.

Avaki 6 includes Avaki Studio, a new Eclipse-based data integration modeling environment with point-and-click integrated data views.

The new product addresses a range of projects, and scales a single data layer across the enterprise, the company said.

Avaki Studio helps application developers integrate data from many sources, including relational databases, files, application data and Web services. Developers can define integrated views based on metadata from existing sources. It also includes a library of integration building blocks that creates graphical integrated views.

Other features include more scheduling options, data streaming, query optimization and runtime monitoring features that help administrators load balance and adjust capacity.

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