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Parasoft releases new BPEL software

BPEL Maestro 1.5 helps companies quick develop, manage and orchestrate Web service business processes.

Parasoft Inc. released this week the Parasoft BPEL Maestro 1.5, software the helps enterprises develop, manage and orchestrate Web service business processes. It includes a BPEL engine and development toolkit that adheres to the BPEL specification.

Web service business processes can be created or changed via a new GUI, Parasoft said.

Features include asynchronous messaging via both JMS and SOAP/HTTP with WS-Addressing; process persistence through a standard RDBMS; scalability through automatic dehydration of process instances into persistent storage; transactional integrity through both a short-term atomic transactional model and a long-running compensation-based model; application level correlation of messages in extended, stateful conversations; full-featured toolkit in the Eclipse development environment for developing, debugging, and managing BPEL processes.

BPEL Maestro is available for Linux, Windows XP/2000 and Solaris.

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