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Hewlett-Packard beefs up OpenView portfolio

Two new management products from Hewlett-Packard address SOA lifecycle management and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Hewlett-Packard Co. has introduced two new management products in its OpenView portfolio, HP OpenView Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Manager and HP OpenView Compliance Manager.

SOA Manager capitalizes on HP's previous acquisition of Talking Blocks, while Compliance Manager, which automates the monitoring and reporting of compliance controls and risk, was a collaborative effort with HP's internal audit department. The new products will be leveraged by HP's Consulting and Integration Services division.

Both products are "in line with helping CIOs [chief information officers] manage the IT environment to be a more adaptive enterprise," said Todd DeLaughter, vice president and general manager of management software business at Hewlett-Packard, in Palo Alto, Calif. "Both announcements help the CIO around the management and reduction of risk." The Adaptive Enterprise is HP's strategy for helping companies respond to change, mitigate risk and achieve business agility.

The six acquisitions HP made over the past 14 months were part of that strategy, DeLaughter said. "We were looking for things that were critical elements of managing an adaptive enterprise, which is a vision for how to help customers sync IT departments with business. Talking Blocks played a key role. They brought to us a service-oriented architecture, a powerful way to deliver and manage Web services, and also an integration channel for integrating partner products."

DeLaughter said HP combined "some of the capabilities of Talking Blocks with [its] identity management offering, to deliver SOA lifecycle management."

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HP not only acquired the Talking Blocks technology, but more than 95% of its intellectual capital as well, DeLaughter said.

"I'm impressed with the knowledge and pragmatism of the [Talking Blocks] people," said Judith Hurwitz, president of Hurwitz & Associates, in Waltham, Mass. "They have great talent and knowledge. I was very pleased to see those guys have stuck around."

Hurwitz said she spent some time speaking with a significant HP customer about SOA Manager. "They were extremely happy; they like the capability and the scalability. They felt a lot of middleware solutions would work, but it would require you to move everything onto that platform and make it the center of the universe. Their situation is they've got a variety of middleware. They found SOA Manager to be very easily able to handle that [environment]. If you don't own the stack, you've got to specialize in abstracting from different environments. It's a good thing for the customers."

According to HP, OpenView SOA Manager defines and maintains a dynamic model of relationships between business services, their supporting software assets and the virtualized infrastructure; manages application services as resources; and integrates other management capabilities via a plug-and-play architecture.

"A lot of [SOA management] products I've seen tend to be focused on managing XML libraries or other specific aspects," Hurwitz said. "The goal here is to manage the entire environment."

Available now, HP OpenView SOA Manager costs$10,000 per agent, $22,000 per broker, with the services platform starting at $25,000.

HP's other new offering, HP OpenView Compliance Manager, "is targeted at helping CIOs deal with the burden of SOX [Sarbanes-Oxley] compliance," DeLaughter said. "This is a challenge for IT; there's a cost to demonstrate [SOX] compliance. If you're not putting tools in place, you're likely to spend the same amount of money [to demonstrate compliance] next year. We're giving them give tools and processes to automate the process of demonstrating compliance."

Compliance Manager uses an intelligent management layer that extracts, analyzes, compiles, and reports compliance and IT risk information in a centralized dashboard view. "This is not post-audit, but real-time time monitoring," DeLaughter said.

HP OpenView Compliance Manager will be available this September. HP said price has not been finalized, but will tentatively start at $250,000.

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