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New XML firewall keeps watch on Web services

Forum Systems' new XWall Web services firewall offers enterprises intrusion prevention, data integrity and access control capabilities.

Forum Systems Inc. announced today the availability of its new XWall Web services firewall, featuring intrusion prevention capabilities.

The software is designed to sit on the network perimeter and address security for Web services that traditional network and application firewalls do not.

XWwall offers XML intrusion prevention that detects known and unknown attacks in 15 rules that can be reconfigured at any time. The firewall uses signature files and heuristics to detect attacks, then blocks, quarantines or throttles them until an administrators can review it.

It also provides access control to the Web services, deciding on individual XML and SOAP messages, APIs, users and URLs.

The final new feature is a data integrity check that looks for corrupt data in XML and SOAP messages that could threaten back-office applications.

XWall is available immediately in three options: software for $2,500, PCI card for $5,000 or hardware appliance for $9,995.

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