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SOA Software going global with Cordys partnership

The combination of SOA Software's Web services management, security, mediation and governance technology with Cordys ESB and BPM offerings seen strengthening both companies.

SOA Software Inc., the Los Angeles-based provider of Web services management, security, mediation and governance technology, is forming a global alliance with Cordys Inc., the Netherlands-based ESB, BPM and SOA platform vendor.

 Cordys provides exceptional business process management technology. We provide exceptional SOA infrastructure technology.
Ian Goldsmith
Vice President of Product MarketingSOA Software

This week's partnership is expected to strengthen both companies and has the potential to create an SOA offering that could compete in the SOA space with major vendors such as IBM and BEA Systems Inc., said Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst with ZapThink LLC.

The alliance with the Netherlands company also fits into SOA Software's plans to move beyond its U.S. roots into the European market where Cordys has a strong presence. Cordys was founded by Jan Baan, who previously developed and marketed the Baan ERP system in Europe during the 1990s. The new partnership gives SOA Software a European connection that it is expect to leverage to create a presence across the pond.

Winfried van Holland, global vice president of marketing and product management of Cordys, cited the synergy between the two companies' products as well as their "aggressive expansion plans."

Ian Goldsmith, vice president of product marketing for SOA Software, cited Cordys business process management (BPM) technology as a key component of the combined product offerings. "One of the strengths of the relationship is a very simple value proposition," he said. "Cordys provides exceptional business process management technology. We provide exceptional SOA infrastructure technology. Between the two, what the customer ends up with is a fully standards-based, secure, reliable platform for building business applications."

Goldsmith pointed out that SOA Software does not compete with IBM, BEA or Oracle, and in fact has partnerships with them. But he said the relationship with Cordys is somewhat different because Cordys is a smaller and "more nimble" company. The two companies have already worked together on customer implementations, he said, and SOA Software has found Cordys flexible in its approach to integrating their technologies.

"We're very well integrated," Goldsmith said. "We've embedded our technology into the Cordys' platform, so that when Cordys invokes a Web service it can first discover policy and implement policy, and when it exposes a service it can discover the policies it needs to enforce. We are tightly integrated with the Cordys platform to abstract Cordys from some of the complexities of policy enforcement and implementation for Web services."

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Zapthink's Schmelzer called the alliance announce Tuesday afternoon "Great news for both companies."

"Cordys is in the market of providing capabilities for SOA composition and the provision of industry-specific composite services," the analyst explained. "By partnering with SOA Software, they are placing their bets on the SOA pure-play market, rather than with the other vendors, to provide them with the capabilities they need for registry, metadata management, governance, service management, security and other capabilities. SOA Software provides all those capabilities and requirements for SOA infrastructure at a very reasonable price. So, this bolsters SOA Software's efforts to put their SOA solution suite into the market with increased credibility."

As for the Netherlands company's ambitions to compete with the larger SOA vendors, Schmelzer said, "For Cordys, this helps bolster their own SOA efforts by greatly increasing their capabilities on the infrastructure side and expanding the set of SOA-specific functions their composite services can provide. This will make them more competitive as a whole, even with the 'big guys.'"

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