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Ajax Experience case study: Dodging enterprise pitfalls

The Ajax Experience offers a case study to help avoid "enterprise pitfalls."

Avoiding pitfalls in developing enterprise Ajax and rich Internet applications (RIAs) is one of the sessions designed to help service-oriented architecture (SOA) developers, architects and business managers attending The Ajax Experience in San Francisco July 25 through 27.

Joshua Gertzen, primary architect for the ThinWire Ajax RIA framework, is presenting a case study titled Dodging the Pitfalls of Enterprise Ajax Applications" at the conference.

"For all the great things that Ajax adds to the Web developer's toolbox, it can also add layers of complexity to a Web development stack that is already bursting at the seams," he says in describing his presentation. "As if that weren't enough to tackle, the needs of enterprise Ajax applications further complicate matters due to their more data centric needs and extensive user interaction demands. The more you know about those pitfalls early on, the better you'll be able to separate the pragmatic Ajax use cases from the fluff."

Gertzen will use examples from a real-life financial application that has been in production at a top-ten bank in the US since early 2005. He will cover the technology and business decisions that went into the application's final design. Based on that experience, he will explain how the lessons learned from this project "lead to a fundamental change in the way that his company developed applications for the Web."

This case study will be helpful to both technology and business leaders who are evaluating Ajax for use in upcoming or existing applications, according to the organizers of The Ajax Experience. It will be an opportunity to learn about not only the common pitfalls that occur when developing Ajax applications, and the unique challenges presented by enterprise Ajax applications, but also how to manage complexity in large Ajax applications, how to address server and browser resource constraints and how to overcome the knowledge gap.

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