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SOA runtime governance pacts for Parasoft, AmberPoint and Software AG, Progress

SOA runtime governance tools vendors were part of some recent technology deals. Parasoft and AmberPoint announced special integration between their respective SOA quality and runtime governance tools, while SoftwareAG's webMethods Insight product turned to Progress' Actional tool set to get a runtime boost.

Parasoft and AmberPoint this week announced special integration between their respective SOA quality and runtime governance tools. The deal is said to help automatic test generation and improve resolution of SOA performance issues. It comes on the heels of an integration pact between Software AG and Progress Software that sees Software AG reselling Progress' Actional SOA run-time products as part of its webMethods Insight governance package.

The Parasoft-AmberPoint pact is said to improve development outcomes by bringing in operational baseline data. Parasoft SOAtest can now automatically build test suites built on these AmberPoint baselines.

"We can derive test using the knowledge of the runtime environment by taking the XML information from AmberPoint and while also leveraging the information in AmberPoint about [application] performance," said said Wayne Ariola, vice president of Strategy at Parasoft.

The AmberPoint tools use software agent that feed transaction histories back to Parasoft SOAtest, said Ed Horst, AmberPoint's vice president of Marketing and Product Strategy. "With the sharing of baseline information, the 'right hand' knows what the 'left hand' is doing, and vice versa."

Developed in partnership with Progress, Software AG's webMethods Insight, scheduled to be available Oct. 1, is a configuration of the Actional product line optimized for the needs of Software AG customers, including users of its CentraSite governance products. The webMethods Insight tool supports automatic population of run-time information in CentraSite.

"With webMethods Insight, you can bring in other services under SOA management," said Franco Cataldini, director, product marketing, Software AG. This agent-based SOA management, he said, can help locate so-called 'rogue' services. "The architect wants to know it is out there," he said. "It will give greater visibility as to what services are deployed."

The deal drives home a point Progress would like to make, according to one of the company's top technologists. Cleary, its purchases over recent years of companies like Actional are part of a move to better connect its in-house offerings, but the individual tool companies represent businesses of their own as well.

"This shows that the Progress best-of-breed tools work as well with outsiders as they do among themselves, said Dan Foody, vice president of Actional Products at Progress. "We are not focused on a bunch of technologies that can only be used with each other. This deal is a testament to our strategy."

Deals are not the only way SOA vendors are beefing up their runtime governance offerings. Oracle outright bought performance management vendor ClearApp earlier this month. At the time, Oracle said ClearApp was expected to strengthen Oracle SOA by providing contextual performance, resulting in faster problem resolution.

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