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HP sees Systinet-HP Quality Center integration driving better SOA outcomes

HP shows a major integration of the HP SOA Systinet governance tools and the HP Quality ALM line. It is also packaging best practices guidance to bootstrap SOA developments.

HP this week announced a long-anticipated major integration between the HP SOA Systinet governance tools and the HP Quality ALM line. The company also pledged to provide best practice guidance to bootstrap SOA developments and achieve more successful SOA projects.

We see organizations struggle with communication between test departments and enterprise architects.
Kelly Emo
SOA product managerHP

"We see organizations struggle with communication between test departments and enterprise architects," said Kelly Emo, HP SOA product manager, HP. "The bigger the effort the more challenging that becomes."

The company's improved guidance for SOA projects comes at a time when some critics are highlighting SOA projects that have missed the mark.

HP's Emo said customers can automate service life cycle policy compliance through capturing best practices. They can clone successful projects with tweaks, of course, and map those methods to new application domains. 'Pre-built life cycles' and templates are provided. Emo said there are wizards, as well as 'back-door' API-based capabilities for teams that want to customize the 'out-of-box SOA' set-ups.

This will jumpstart and upgrade the governance environment, said Emo.

She indicated that HP built-out a very simple life cycle process the in version 2.5 of the Systinet product to solicit customer reaction. This full-fledged life-cycle-in-a-box is based on a 'boatload' of customer feedback, she said.

Mercury acquired Systinet in early 2006. It was not too long before Mercury in turn sold itself to HP.

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SOA picture worth 1,000 words for HP

A more seamless integration of SOA development and IT operations is seen by some viewers as key to further SOA proliferation, and the HP Quality Center-Systinent combo is intended to address these issues. Emo said HP had previously provided integration via APIs, but it was not the type of integration that enabled the products to kick off automated actions.

According to HP, the software can trigger business policies based on service quality through integration with HP Service Test Management. The suite also uncovers and manages so-called rogue services – those outside of a corporate governance program - through integration with the HP Universal Configuration Management Database (CMDB). As well, the Systinet framework now supports standard Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) development.

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