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FUSE ESB brings Apache ServiceMix 4.0 to market

The FUSE enterprise service bus (ESB) seeks to mix the goodness of open source with the goodness of commercial software. A new version is the first Iona product to see the light since Iona's formal acquisition by Progress Software. It supports OSGI and JBI.

In its first product release since formally becoming a division of Progress Software, Iona has announced FUSE ESB 4.0, a commercial version of the Apache ServiceMix 4.0, open source enterprise service bus (ESB). The software seeks to combine the openness of open source with the rigor of some commercialization.

Larry Alston, vice president and general manager of Open Source at Progress, indicated that the new software supports the Java Business Integration (JBI) 2.0 standard and is backwardly compatible with JBI 1.0. He said the ESB was OSGI-enabled – supporting that framework for provisioning integration components as modules.

FUSE grew out of Iona efforts to drive creation of an open-source ESB, which later came to be part of an Apache project. The Iona purchase brought two ESBs – FUSE and Iona's earlier Artix ESB – to a Progress software stable that already included the Sonic ESB.

The three ESBs can work together or stand alone. How does Progress position its seeming plethora of ESBs?

Sonic ESB is positioned as a messaging-based enterprise service bus that provides reliable integration of an SOA that incorporates multiple sites or management domains. Clustering technology and continuous availability are touted.

Meanwhile, the Artix ESB is positioned as adept at middleware interoperability and service enablement – being a services bus aimed at peer-to-peer networks using existing communications infrastructure software, and providing a cost-effective means to add managed interoperability and service support to existing enterprise messaging infrastructure.

Finally, there is FUSE ESB, which is highlighted for its support of ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, CXF, and Camel, as well as JBI. While claiming the benefits of open source, the FUSE ESB also seeks to deliver the benefits of top-notch documentation, testing and packaging. Open source for the enterprise, if you will.

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Progress's Alston said the company thinks it can add value in the open source setting. He suggested that people may widely contribute to such projects.

"It evolves very quickly," he said. "It tends to be destabilizing some time."

This informed planning for the commercial FUSE ESB. "We picked a baseline, documented it, tested it, and decided it was something we could put into market."

He said that in fifteen months, Iona's FUSE had gathered 60-plus customers, 40 of which are new name customers for both Iona and Progress.

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