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Legacy-to-SOA modernization goes to court - 2: User Story

A county court CTO using Attachmate Verastream Host Integrator describes a system update that inputs XML and feeds records to a State system.

Busy California county courts have used Verastream Host Integrator to improve interaction with state systems, said Alan Crouse CTO for San Bernardino County's Superior Courts.

He said the operation now must continuously update drivers' histories at the state level, using a local set-up that includes long-standing dependable UNIX systems and PC servers.

Crouse said the Verastream experience was favorable because his group found it could work successfully with the tools in the Attachmate environment.

Host integration from Needles to Chino

What is the scale of the operation? "We have 1,400 Microsoft desktops. We run a Sun Oracle back-end and more than 50 Microsoft Windows Servers running Office tools and Web server [functions]." The court system territory covers a lot of ground. "We have 19 locations from Needles to Chino," Crouse said, adding that it can be a four-and-a-half-hour drive from one end of the county to the other.

It's like having a virtual typist that goes at the speed of the machine.
Alan Crouse
CTOSan Bernardino County Superior Courts

The court's first Attachmate application came in response to a state mandate related to central system update, he said. "The biggest Attachmate application we are running today is our electronic citation entry system," he continued.

The interface to the Sun Oracle back-end is a 'fairly old green screen system,' said Crouse. "We have the Attachmate VHI product now to do all the screen interaction."

Such tooling can promote SOA, Crouse indicated.

Now, XML records are staged, and the Attachmate application reads the XML, and in effect does the proper data entry to meet the State's requirements.

"It's like having a virtual typist that goes at the speed of the machine," said Crouse. This allowed the courts to free up clerks' time in order to be on the front line serving people.

A variation of the central system update, this time related to the courts' handling of child support services e-filings, is underway as well.

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