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JViews enhances Eclipse RIA support

ILOG supports Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) for RIA development and adds support for Ajax frameworks.

ILOG JViews 8.5, the latest version of the Java-based graphics display technology, adds graphing features for Eclipse developers working on Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), and supports additional frameworks for Ajax.

Increasing use of Eclipse for RIA development and deployment led ILOG to embrace the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF), explained Ed Király, product marketing manager for JViews. The new JViews Graph Layout module also expands the frameworks developers can use for Ajax, he said.

ILOG Java, .NET, and Flex graphics libraries and components provide graphics tools for creating interactive user displays, Király said. The technology is used in creating map displays, diagrams, and dashboards for end users, he explained.

"For the growing population that deploys to Eclipse RCP and plug-ins, there's a hole that we're pretty good at filling and that is diagramming," Király said. "When it comes to diagram displays like an org chart or a large process control display, our graph layout technology fits really well with Eclipse display builders."

For Ajax developers, JViews, which originally worked only in Swing for the desktop, now supports other popular frameworks, including Apache Trinidad, JBoss Rich Faces Ajax, and ICESoft's ICEFaces.

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"Today, customers want a browser-based client that works just like a desktop client," Király said. "So what we've done is make sure our thin client has as many of the Ajax bells and whistles that we can add to it."

In related news, IBM, which is seeking to acquire French-based ILOG, announced this week that its initial tender offer for the company was successful, but the process is being extended in France for an additional 10 days. Further results are expected later this month.

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