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SOA 2008: Application development hot stove league

Take a look back at the service-oriented architecture and application development trends featured throughout 2008.

Looking back on 2008 we find a year full of SOA. In the beginning of 2008, touched upon Eclipse Swordfish and its impact on SCA and JBI. In the article "Eclipse Swordfish SOA runtime mixes SCA, JBI and OSGi" analysts make a few predictions about the business decisions of the upcoming year. Were they right?

It appears that the JavaScript Framework and library makers - open source advocates, all – still grapple with Web browser incompatibilities and flaws. They do, however, seem to be benefiting from renewed browser innovation, much of it centered on speeding performance. Google's chrome struck a chord of interest in many of our readers.

Another hot topic of the year is the unveiling of Microsoft's Oslo. If it works as Microsoft envisions it, model driven development would bridge the gap between business analysts and IT and deliver on the SOA promise to align application development with business needs. And in doing so, the role of the analyst would become more essential in SOA software development projects.

Not alone in the world of SOA vendors, IBM this year announced its Master Data Management (MDM) Server, designed to simplify getting data from a variety of sources into SOA applications. IBM's intention is to solve a common problem for SOA implementations where architects and developers find that they need a lot of different data sets from a lot of different sources.

Besides Oracle's blockbuster purchase of BEA, the year saw Progress Software buy CORBA pioneer Iona. Progress, which has gradually acquired a very potent SOA portfolio, also bought SOA test house Mindreef during the year. Among a host of interesting alliances formed during 2008 there were the governance-related deals of Software AG with Progress company Actional and ALM specialist Parasoft with AmberPoint, described in ''SOA runtime governance pacts for Parasoft, AmberPoint and Software AG, Progress.'' Best in 2009 to all.

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