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Progress Actional update eyes end-to-end business transactions

Improvements take the performance management line beyond SOA, and show transactions across the entire application life cycle. Elements of MindReef diagnostic software also appear in this release from the Actional group of Progress Software.

Progress Software has released Actional 8.0 to monitor and govern services and applications. The software, which includes fruits from Progress's 2008 acquistion of test software maker MindReef, provides execution-time visibility for distributed apps. It also represents a move for the Actional suite beyond SOA to cover existing non-services applications.

From the MindReef purchase comes Application X-Ray diagnostic software, now with Actional Flow Mapping that traces individual transaction flows in production. Application X-Ray can be used in both pre-production and production environments.

The suite now supports agentless management. Transactions on platforms including Apache CXF and Camel, Oracle Service Bus, Tibco Business Works, SAP NetWeaver, WebMethods Integration Server can be monitored now due to updates to Actional 8.0.

Improvements taken together allow better collaborative problem resolution, said Dan Foody, vice president of Actional Products, Progress Software. "The value extends beyond SOA," he said.

As many as 40 to 100 systems can be involved in typical order management systems in large enterprises, he noted. Naturally, a fragmented view of this activity can be hard to sort through. "With traditional tools you may get 40 to 100 views of the problem," said Foody. "You need to be able to see a business transaction at any particular point of time across all the applications."

Actional 8.0 shows a logical view of long-running business transaction, without the need for concern about the physical infrastructure, said Progress's Foody. This is important, he said, with Virtual Machines (VMs), which can cause application elements to move from day to day.

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