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New Mule, Software AG AlignSpace BPM environment, more

Product briefs for New Mule, Software AG AlignSpace BPM environment and more.

Backers of the Mule open source integration platform announced the release of Mule 2.2.0. The new version supports an expression language for querying Mule information at run-time, as well as Spring Security 2.0 as a Security Manager. Mule 2.2.0 also seeks to answer some of the complaints made about the previous version, including clarified and cleaned up message property scopes and precedence; simplified endpoint configuration and improved and expanded documentation, says blogger Jackie Wheeler on the "From the Mule's Mouth" blog.

Software AG has announced the release of its new SaaS product, AlignSpace. AlignSpace is a platform that offers collaboration for project participants in a Business Process environment. Data, documents and services produced within this environment are made available and reusable within or across company borders. AlignSpace is part of a Software AG effort to support collaborative process design and universal translation of BPM models.

Progress Software said that Sabre Holdings has selected Progress FUSE to be part its integration platform. According to a press release, Sabre Holdings - , whose businesses include Travelocity; Sabre Travel Network and Sabre Airline Solutions - chose FUSE to "maintain continuous uptime and stability and flexibility for our partners" as part of a pluggable architecture.

Protecode announced the release of its Software IP Audit service. The product identifies licensing and copyright attributes of open-source and other third-party content in the software assets of an enterprise, or detects similarities between two specific code portfolios.

Ivory Service Architect 4.1 from GT Software is a mainframe integration platform that offers support for the Integrated Facility for Linux, System z Integrated Information Processor, and the System z Application Assist Processor. The product aims to cut cost and provide a more agile application for mainframe SOA.

IBM announced that 1-800 Flowers selected IBM to provide its new e-commerce platform. plans to transition most of its 14 brands to the platform over the coming few years. The company hopes the e-commerce platform will improve efficiency, especially during peak times like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

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