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CA/Wily forwards transaction monitoring across distributed systems

As applications have grown more complex, the transaction itself is seen as the atomic unit that must be monitored. CA/Wily's updated application performance management suite now provides SOA Dependency Map views, to help team uncover performance bottlenecks.

'Follow the money' was the famous admonition in the political thriller 'All the President's Men.' These days, in distributed applications, the comparable advice is to 'Follow the transactions.' As apps have grown more complicated, the transaction itself increasingly is seen as the atomic unit that must be monitored.

CA/Wily, which started life as Wily, a maker of Java performance monitors, continues to enhance its performance management portfolio with better transaction monitoring across distributed systems. CA this week announced a new version of its CA Wily Application Performance Management (APM) software, adding a visual mapper that provides ready views of transactions in action across apps.

The new APM suite includes a SOA Dependency Map, according to CA's Prabhjot Singh, vice president, marketing. This map provides a view of service dependencies, making it less difficult to visually pinpoint potential failing services, he indicated. Singh said the need to uncover dependencies has been a major challenge for operations as more and more SOA applications have gone online.

"These application environments are getting quite complex. It is more important to have a real-time view of what is happening in the environment," Singh said. "We are providing visualization of activity of services in terms of the SOA environments."

"We have added a lot of SOA management capabilities, said Singh, adding that the dependency maps of the environment provide logical and physical views.

With this release, CA/Wily has also improved and broadened support for various industry platforms. The software offers increased visibility for MQ environments. It can also now monitor Oracle ESB and IBM WebSphere Process Server.

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