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Say 'hello' to business process lifecycle management

Business Process Management (BPM) is not a one-time project. It is part of a life-cycle of processes. This led Accenture to pursue business process lifecycle management (BPLM) services.

Years of experience suggest that Business Process Management (BPM) is not a one-time project; instead, it is part of a life-cycle of processes. This is born out by efforts at consulting and services powerhouse Accenture, which recently announced the release of their enhanced business process lifecycle management (BPLM) services.

The process services are delivered by thousands of process reference models reflecting business practices. Accenture's announcement has raised the question: is this the future of BPM?

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Executive Partner of Process Excellence at Accenture, said the new approach was taken to address companies' growing need for process management and the need for a tool to speed up business processes.

"Five, six years ago, we used BPM, but we fixed one process or one sub-process and moved on. But now companies have developed a need for process management," Kirchmer said. He said that BPLM works with clients who want to take a more demanding approach to BPM and who want to make smarter decisions.

Kirchmer said Accenture didn't "start from scratch" in creating these BPLM services. Accenture used industry based content, and factored in best IT common practices and used them to create "not a one-day solution, but a sustainable solution" that uses Accenture's pro business reference model.

Accenture expects customers to see a gain in two areas. One is the supply chain and customer service. Kirchmer said BPLM will help create a stimulus and uncover bottlenecks. The second area in which Accenture hopes to help customers to improve is process management, BPLM should make process management faster and more efficient, Kirchmer said.

It is about creating a product with purpose.

"The important thing is you don't just draw pictures," said Kirchmer. "Instead, you create business models that mean something."

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