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Scott Hebner on Jazz and Eclipse (video)

Scott Hebner talks about the Jazz platform, and how its growth compares to that of its predecessor, Eclipse.

Comparisons with Eclipse can be misleading, but IBM Rational's Jazz server-side software development platform will often be compared to the Eclipse IDE. While some viewers see a slow uptake, IBM sees reasonable adoption for Jazz versus its predecessor, Eclipse.

"Where we are in terms of Jazz one year later-- in terms of adoption, the number of products, and the number of companies involved-- is actually ahead of where Eclipse was on the year after it was launched," said Scott Hebner, Marketing and Strategy Vice President for IBM's Rational Software, at a recent event in Orlando, Florida.

The number of products released on Jazz is substantially higher than the number of products released for Eclipse over the same timeframe. "We have now five products built from the bottom up on Jazz. In the first year [after Eclipse was released] we had maybe one product," said Hebner.

Hebner believes that products could drive the continued growth of Jazz. Said Hebner: "The more products, the more people jump on board. With the open standards element [of Jazz] I would expect it to grow."

Scott Hebner speaks with Editor Jack Vaughan at a recent event in Orlando, Florida.

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