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Reduce duplication in SOA with lifecycle governance

Getting more efficiency from SOA means avoiding duplication and creating protocols. Middleware vendor TIBCO has teamed with HP to offer operational and lifecycle governance tools.

Looking to secure a stronger foothold in SOA governance, middleware vendor TIBCO has teamed up with HP to add development lifecycle governance tools to complement its operations governance suite.

The move into lifecycle governance gives IT departments a way to reign in developers who sometimes lower productivity by trying to implement versions of services that depart from the specifications.

"When folks first start to do SOA there tends to be duplication," said Rourke McNamara, director of product marketing at TIBCO. "The next step is usually to put into place some process or policy to prevent that."

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Lifecycle governance is something more appealing to IT managers and architects than developers. However, McNamara said, garnering an increase in efficiency from SOA means avoiding duplication and developing protocols.

TIBCO will now offer HP's SOA Systinet alongside its ActiveMatrix Policy and Service Performance managers. This, McNamara said, would provide end-to-end SOA governance under a unified interface. IT managers can use Systinet to set approval requirements at various stages of development and ActiveMatrix's operational governance tools to set and track service reuse goals.

"In order to do SOA you need to change the way people are doing things," said McNamara. "Doing that requires a lot of overhead. What we do is automate all of that and get people to comply with policies."

More than 20 years old, TIBCO got its start by developing messaging systems for Wall Street. Over the last decade, the company has moved into broader markets, helping companies build distributed applications under a philosophy of reuse.

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