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Metastorm Integration Manager links to zLinux

zLinux is becoming a favorite tool for legacy modernization among companies looking to cut costs. Metastorm Integration Manager now supports zLinux in response to this trend.

Metastorm has added support of Linux for System Z (zLinux) to its Metastorm Integration Manager (MIM). MIM is a system that can tie together and service-enable legacy systems with modern architecture components.

"Companies are trying to modernize and as part of that many are looking at zLinux. Part of the reason is cost and part is that Linux is becoming more and more accepted as a credible operating system," said Kevin Haugh, VP of Product Marketing at Metastorm.

Though Metastorm has added enterprise architecture software and consulting to its offerings in recent years, the company got its start in BPM. Where many ERP and CRM systems had provided a great deal of automation, Metastorm focused on developing for human-centric processes where not every step was computerized.

When it comes to SOA, Haugh said the enterprises he deals with are looking for a more organized approach.

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"SOA is something that has been historically the domain of technologists," said Haugh. "There have been challenges because efforts made there have not been translated into business benefits. Maybe some services were created but they weren't created in a way that didn't meet certain SLAs that were required."

As governance grows in popularity, enterprises may see a lot more business-savvy techies and tech-savvy business managers. To truly get the most out of SOA, an enterprise needs to reuse its services. And to ensure high reuse, Haugh said the business and tech side must be able to work together in a clearly-defined process flow.

On integrating zLinux, analyst Ken Vollmer of Forrester Research said it was a logical move for Metastorm. In 2005 the company acquired CommerceQuest, which had strong ties to IBM hardware.

"I think that follows a well established trend for Metastorm technology," said Vollmer. "It seems like a natural extension of their strategy. What's unusual about Metastorm is they're one of the few vendors of human-centric BPM that also has really good integration software. It's well proven and I'm glad to see that Metastorm is going to be pushing it more."

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