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Fujitsu fields BPM on cloud computing platform

Updated version of Interstage Business Process Management includes free Interstage Cloud BPM platform for 10-user groups. Dynamic tasking capabilities are also due.

Fujitsu America Software is seeking to advance its Business Process Management (BPM) efforts, announcing free hosting of BPM applications for up to ten users. The company's Interstage BPM suite now includes an Interstage Cloud BPM platform version for small (10-user) teams looking to develop and use process-based applications at no charge.

Fujitsu's early efforts in BPM were oriented toward OEMs but enterprise efforts have gained more attention in recent years. The Cloud BPM offering furthers this initiative. At the same time, Interchange has been updated with additional dynamic tasking and analytical—or Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)—capabilities.

"We started off with collaboration. Human-centric BPM was the origin of our offering. But, working with OEMs and partners, we have had to extend the capabilities," said Amita Abraham, Senior Product Manager, Fujitsu America Software.

Fujitsu's BPM offering is a version 11 product. As with other competitive BPM engines, the vendor seeks to reduce the burden that is often placed on IT to update BPM applications.

"With version 11, we are trying to make it so some changes can be made without going back to IT," said Abraham.

In organizations today, once BPMs are deployed different people quickly end up with different parts of a process, said Abraham. "One of the big challenges you face is that you model a process and then automate it," said Abraham. "But people don't follow [the modeled process]. They veer. The question is how you do that without going back to IT."

The Fujitsu BPM supports analytics capabilities that in effect discover real patterns in actual deployments.

"With '11' you sense what is happening. You can dynamically create tasks for different people," she said.

Now business line managers can reassign work to different people and machines in the form of what Fujitsu calls "dynamic tasking."

The cloud version of the software is meant for people who want to demonstrate quick ROI on small projects before considering rolling out corporate-wide process improvement initiatives using a BPM suite. Interstage BPM Cloud BPM platform registration is available through

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