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WSO2 launches cloud platform

WSO2 has launched the WSO2 Cloud Platform, a platform for extending service-oriented architecture (SOA) into cloud computing.

WSO2 has launched the WSO2 Cloud Platform, a platform for extending service oriented architecture (SOA) into cloud computing. The new platform features a family of WSO2 Cloud Virtual machines,WSo2 Cloud Connectors and the WSO2 Governance-as-a-Service. All WSO2 SOA products are now available as WSO2 Cloud Virutal Machines running on the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and as VMware ESX virtual machines. The WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway (CSG) and the WSO2 Service Accelerator are two new WSO2 Cloud Connector products. Each is comprised of a cloud virtual machine and a component that runs locally within the enterprise. The CSG is available as a WSO2 Cloud Virtual Machine and includes applications which protect API's, provide a firewall for services, allow private data access, outsource computations and offer security verification. The Service Accelerator decouples quality of service processing and plugs the services into a layer that can process messages under high throughput.

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