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IBM Impact 2010: Complete conference coverage

Visit this page to find complete coverage of IBM impact 2010. Read about IBM's recent purchase of Cast Iron Systems, updates to DataPower and Cloud Burst, and more.

At Impact 2010 SOA still on the menu
Over several years, IBM's various Impact events have become milestones that mark the general progress of SOA. This week at the 2010 event kick off in Las Vegas, IBM's Steve Mills made the point that SOA underlies the next generation of innovative enterprise applications.

IBM buys Cast Iron Systems, focuses on hybrid cloud computing integrations
IBM this month moved to purchase Cast Iron Systems for an undisclosed sum. IBM made the announcement at its annual Impact Conference in Las Vegas. Cast Iron specializes in cloud computing systems integration. For example, it can match cloud applications from players such as and Amazon with traditional back-end ERP systems from the likes of JD Edwards and SAP. IBM's purchase demonstrates a commitment to hybrid cloud computing.

IBM WebSphere DataPower software appliances add data caching
IBM followed up its recent purchase of cloud integration appliance maker Cast Iron with new versions of its CloudBurst and DataPower appliances. The new version of the DataPower appliance adds object data caching support.basic elements of middleware and SOA being packaged so that businesses can move more quickly to field new applications. Taken together, the products may augur a shift back to the bundled hardware-software offerings that drove an earlier computing era.

Ray Kurzweil and the magic of the exponential
At IBM Impact 2010 last week in Las Vegas, amid a wee bit of hoopla about a smarter planet, there was a bit of an old-time technology revival that took place, led by Ray Kurzweil—inventor of the CCD flatbed scanner, the text-to-speech synthesizer and the Kurzweil K250, the latter a very major step forward in the evolution of electronic synthesizers. Let me tell you: Kurzweil is a fellow who can drum up some excitement about raw technology.

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