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The Open Group to look at EA, SOA and cloud computing

Included in sessions are cybersecurity, enterprise architecture - with an eye for business transformation. As always, skills certification programs related to TOGAF 9 will be a major draw.

The Open Group conference agenda for 2011 kicks off this Sunday in sunny San Diego with The Open Group Conference, San Diego. The well-known vendor-neutral standards group focuses on open standards and interoperability, SOA and more.

The main focuses for next week's event are cyber security, enterprise architecture - with an eye for business transformation - and - our favorites - SOA and the cloud. As always, skills certification programs related to TOGAF 9 will be a major draw.

In the cybersecurity cavalcade, Michael Ruiz, CTO, NEOS Deloitte Consulting, will describe the theoretical basis, design pattern, and integration challenges associated with a cyber incident response system. That session is entitled "Cyber Command and Control: A Military Doctrinal Prospective on Collaborative Situation Awareness for Decision Making."

 According to Open Group insider, Dr. Chris Harding, cloud coverage at this event was expanded to meet popular demand. Added sessions cover the case for Cloud Interactive Ecosystem Language (CIEL) and enhancing SaaS, among other cloud topics. In a recent conversation with Dr Harding, he explained that every conference is different and that there's always the chance that some unexpected concept will emerge and completely change the way you think about SOA.

On the SOA front, TOG is hosting sessions on interoperability and a SOA Camp designed to bring the success of Cloud Camp's innovative design to a specifically SOA oriented audience. The interoperability panel will cover topics from legacy modernization to cloud integration challenges. The SOA Camp is "unstructured" and designed to address the specific concerns of the attendees and involve them in the discussion much more than in a traditional conference. This extra interaction allows organizers to learn from their audience and keeps them excited and informed.

In other sessions, Aleks Buterman of SenseAgility Group will discuss "Applying Capability Based Business Architecture to Build 'EA in a Box,'" Proteus Duxbury will consider "Demystifying Business Architecture and it's place within the TOGAF ADM," and Nicholas Hill of Infosys Technologies will disclose the findings from Infosys's annual EA survey.

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