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Reporters' Notebook: Alcatel-Lucent, DeviceAnywhere forge deal for testing mobile services

Alcatel-Lucent enhances its offering for mobile services developers via an alliance with DeviceAnywhere.

Alcatel-Lucent looked to broaden its role in mobile services development in the face of app stores and broader mobile services with its 2010 purchase of the websites. Since then, it has fine tuned its offering for services developers with deals like a recent alliance with DeviceAnywhere.

This pact enables development teams to use Alcatel-Lucent's Developer Platform along with DeviceAnywhere's on-line Test Center. The move addresses the need for would-be killer-app writers to test for multiple end-user scenarios.

The offering, in effect, makes an apps testing house available to individual developers and teams that must verify that their apps will run smoothly on networks, devices and operating systems.

DeviceAnywhere CEO Faraz Syed told that mainstream enterprises are getting into mobile computing in a big way. They are doing so in an out-facing way for consumers and an in-facing manner for employees.  This appears to be a new stage for mobile development - the character of mobile apps is going quickly beyond the familiar and relatively simple offering of e-mail on corporate users' e-mail devices.

"Employees walk into a company and they wonder today why they cannot access more productivity apps from their smart phones," said Syed.

He credits Alcatel-Lucent for embracing the new paradigm. "Now there are a lot of stories beyond e-mail," he said.

The partnership is important, he suggested. "Alcatel-Lucent has taken it upon itself to facilitate development tools for the wireless space, to create a lab, a cloud of development, that developers can go to in order to test and certify their apps," he said.

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