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Visual IDE said to jump start Camel mediation routing

Known as Fuse IDE for Camel, new visual modeling software, like Apache Camel itself, is said to support integrations based on patterns devised by EAI guru Gregor Hohpe.

New modeling software lets development team members visually connect components in Camel-based integrations. Known as Fuse IDE for Camel, the software, like Apache Camel itself, is said to support integrations based on familiar patterns derived from the work of authors Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. Fuse IDE for Camel is offered as part of FuseSource Corp.'s Fuse Mediation Router subscription.

The open source Camel integration framework can be used programmatically. Camel supports a Java Domain Specific Language (DSL), a Scala DSL, and Spring-based XML configurations. But the ability to visually create integrations will be helpful for many developers in many applications, suggested Jack Britain, product manager for Fuse's Camel IDE. Icons in the IDE relate to Hohpe's and friends' patterns such as content-based router, dynamic router, aggregator, message filter, or load balancer. These have proved highly influential since the publication of Hohpe's and Woolf's "Enterprise Integration Patterns" in 2003.

If, for example, you want to access a Web service from another system, you use the visual palette to create a route pattern from one end-point to another, said Britain. This will stub-out (generate) a route template. Also of note: the Fuse IDE can create test cases automatically.

Some people prefer hand-coding to generated stubs. But others will consider modeling helpful.

Often, the difficult thing is deciding where to start, according to Britain. "When you are building a Camel router in a Java class it is hard to visualize."

Meanwhile, "XML can be very busy when routes are complex," in Britain's view.  Here, visual presentation can help.

With IDEs such as this, "you can get going without writing a lot of code yourself," suggests Britain.

"Most problems can be handled by a visual editor," he continued. "It reduces the time it takes an integration developer to integrate one system to another."

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