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Services designer opens up mainframe IDMS for JSON, SOAP, REST development

At Share 2011 in Orlando, GT Software showed Ivory Service Architect with support for Web services that natively access CA IDMS programs. This widens the integration options for IDMS.

At last week's SHARE conference in Orlando, Fla., GT Software announced an enhancement of its Ivory Service Architect that allows developers to build Web services that natively access CA IDMS programs and data.

Ivory Service Architect allows mapped and mapless CA IDMS database transactions to access external services hosted on SOAP, REST XML and JSON servers. Additionally, an Ivory Data Access tool in the overall Ivory Studio suite provides SQL data access to CA IDMS via ODBC or JDBC.

''The business logic in IDMS [requires] that you pass in parameters to get a response,'' said Steve Able, CTO, GT Software. ''We access the IDMS as a native process.'' Ivory Service Architect developers thus pave the way for Java, .NET, PHP and JSON developers who are now able to access IDMS as Web services.

JSON support is important today, suggests Able, because it allows traditional mainframe assets to be re-integrated using standard enterprise mashup interfaces. The software lets the JSON developer make a standard REST request to the server, and receive back a JSON object, he said.

''The SOA paradigm along with REST and JSON makes a lot of options available to more and more people,'' said Able. This enables you to shift integration and SOA-related workloads off the mainframe where appropriate.

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