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IBM Impact conference coverage 2012

IBM Impact 2012 in Las Vegas brings IT pros from all over the world together to talk about trends in BPM, cloud computing and of course SOA.

The annual IBM Impact Global Conference is happening April 29, 2012 through Friday, May 4 in Las Vegas. Each year, IBM throws this event to bring together both IT professionals and business pros in order to network, share and learn about the latest technology trends including cloud architecture, BPM tools and of course service-oriented architecture. is at the event, gathering news and advice from all over the world.

Is this the age of SOA 3.0?

IBM Impact 2012 casts a spotlight on the changing landscape of SOA services. IBM leaders discussed how - and why - SOA is undergoing a transformation. IBM Application and Integration Middleware General Manager Marie Wieck went so far as to dub the transformation “SOA 3.0.” She was not alone among IBM leaders showing support for SOA services - old and new.

IBM showcases new integration appliance

A new integration appliance IBM introduced at their Impact 2012 event is said to address increasingly complex business needs. The integration hardware device, dubbed PureSystems, has been on display since the event opened early this week. It is built on known best practices set down by integration experts at IBM. The demonstration comes with an announcement that IBM will accompany the device with a developers' kit. Some see PureSystems as a direct countermeasure as IBM tries to outmaneuver Oracle's Exadata and Exalogic appliance servers.

New enterprise application platform rolls out

IBM is trying to break into the mobile application development space. Mobile Foundation, IBM's new mobile application development platform, is being unveiled at Impact 2012 in Las Vegas this week. The platform is said to enable enterprise developers to build mobile applications and deploy the applications in a manner compatible with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Highlights from IBM Impact 2011

In 2011, IBM rolled out a batch of WebSphere middleware updates, the then newly renamed IBM WorkLoad Deployer, and high-availability versions of the WebSphere DataPower appliance. According to IBM VP Steve Mills, these changes as well as updates to the IBM Integration Designer and further BPM integration within IBM BPM software are all part of a concerted effort to make IBM tools better meet customers' technology needs as they connect processes, services, and infrastructure to meet business needs.

Impact 2010 conference coverage

SOA remained a hot topic at Impact 2010, as always. IBM's announcement that they would  purchase Cast Iron Systems, created a stir and brought IBM into position to further integrate cloud applications with traditional on premise architecture. IBM also introduced updated versions of their WebSphere appliances in the CloudBurst and DataPower lines. But the most memorable moment at Impact 2010 may have been Ray Kurzweil's inspirational keynote about the magic of exponential technology growth.

IBM Impact Global Conference Archives

Years prior to 2010, brought us a few good memories as well. Among them is the Edinburgh financial company that found success in SOA by focusing on software reuse projects that attacked highly reusable services, rather than waiting to figure out how to turn everything over to a perfect service-oriented architecture. We've also heard stories of event-driven architecture and BPM as well as IBM showing off with concerts and new strategies.

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