Twitter shows positive participant feedback from QCon New York 2016

Twitter was certainly active at QCon New York 2016, and it suggests participants at the conference were happy to provide positive feedback. But what fueled their enthusiasm?

Tweets from the QCon New York 2016 software development conference indicate the event was notable for its focus on compelling topics, unique presentation ideas, good food and meaningful social interaction. Posts from various attendees' Twitter accounts showed overwhelmingly positive feedback, especially in regard to the topics covered, lessons learned and overall social atmosphere.

Popular topics covered at this year's show included .NET languages -- notably C# and F# -- Java, microservices, proper software testing techniques and API management. Notable presenters included a number of Netflix software developers and engineers, who talked about the unique challenges Netflix faces in terms of API management, cloud management, security and more. The conference also featured an appearance by well-known Microsoft project manager Mads Torgersen, who gave an extensive first look into the new features to be made available in C# 7, such as management of tuples and a revised approach to pattern matching. Sessions also included "Open Spaces," which provided attendees an open forum to discuss particular topics, like microservices and Java development.

Novel presentation ideas included biomedical researcher Evelina Gabasova's demonstration of how F# could be used to quickly, properly and efficiently parse and visualize data. Her demonstration showed how the advanced data parsing techniques and features this language provides helped her determine who the most significant Star Wars character is using publically available versions of the script. One of these significant features is something called type providers, a component that makes it easy to communicate with various sources of information and make them usable as part of your program.

Voices on Twitter indicated attendees went home happy from QCon New York 2016 because of what they learned, the social experience, the location in New York and how the conference was organized. QCon was apparently also a fine dining experience, both from a cuisine and learning perspective, according to tweets from participants.

The conference kicks off on a sunny Monday morning in Brooklyn...

Session speakers teach participants about tools, techniques and philosophies that surround new software and application technologies, including new .NET developments, microservices, API management and testing.

Some interesting presentation ideas...some a little unexpected

It can't be said that there's no one at QCon with a good sense of humor...

Lunch was apparently a hit.

Positive feedback on this year's conference

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