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Quick Takes: Object persistence pays off

Thought Inc. tool offers new object persistence features

Thought Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of object to relational middleware mapping for Enterprise JavaBeans, said it has enhanced the object persistence features in CocoBase Enterprise O/R for use with EJB and Java classes.

CocoBase's architecture doesn't require CocoBase code to be inserted into the objects or the object graph, therefore reprocessing of source code or byte code to persist the objects does not occur, according to Thought Inc. Instead, CocoBase can persist an entire graph of objects created elsewhere with no changes to either the object source or binary code. This latest version of the CocoBase technology can identify "copies" of objects and parts of object graphs and manage them in both a local and distributed environment, the company said. Entire graphs of objects can be copied to some remote machine, manipulated and then processed in some form to be returned synchronized with the original and the copy, according to Thought Inc.

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Iopsis releases Web integrated service development environment

Iopsis Software, a San Francisco-based provider of Web services technology, said it has released its iNsight for Sun Microsystems' Forte for Java Integrated Development Environment.

The software maker said iNsight is a Web integrated service development environment that allows business users to design, create, deploy and publish Web services on multiple frameworks through graphical wizards. The iNsight product is built on the Forte for Java IDE, which features a modular architecture based on the standards-based NetBeans open source platform. Iopsis said it recently joined the Forte for Java Extension Partners Program, which enables vendors to create value-added modules that extend or interoperate with the Forte for Java IDE.

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Wily releases new version of its Web application monitor

Wily Technology, a Burlingame, Calif.-based provider of Web application management technology, has released the latest edition of its Web application monitor, Introscope 2.6, which includes automatic performance management for the iPlanet application server, Wily said. The company said Introscope 2.6 gives application server developers and system administrators the ability to automatically monitor the performance of Java-based applications with component-level precision.

Wily said its Introscope manages the entire system by analyzing performance from within the application itself. By working from the inside out, Introscope manages the performance of third party Java-based applications running on an application server platform, JDBC database connections, distributed requests (RMI and CORBA) and can identify the cause of any performance bottlenecks, Wily said.

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OpenLink Software ships new data-access drivers product

OpenLink Software Inc., a Burlington, Mass.-based provider of data access middleware, said it has released its Universal Data Access Drivers Suite version 4.0 (UDA 4.0). The new product release is available in multi-tier and single-tier formats.

OpenLink's UDA v4.0 comprises of a collection data access drivers previously sold as either as a "driver bundle" or as separate database and data access standard specific products. UDA 4.0 supports the following database engines: OpenLink Virtuoso, Oracle, Informix, CA-Ingres, DB2, Sybase SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Progress, PostgresSQL and other ODBC compliant databases. Operating Systems supported by this release include Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Generic UNIX 5.4, IRIX, SCO OpenServer, SCO Unixware, BSDI and FreeBSD.

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