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JD Edwards aims to make B2B collaboration easier

Enterprise software maker JD Edwards says it is reinforcing its commitment to collaborative commerce.

JD Edwards has underscored its commitment to collaborative e-commerce and private exchanges by delivering an adapter that integrates its OneWorld Xe enterprise and supply chain software with Microsoft's XML-based integration broker platform, BizTalk Server.

The Denver-based enterprise software group announced in September that it would integrate OneWorld Xe with the Microsoft .Net platform, including BizTalk Server 2000, Commerce Server 2000 and Data Center 2000.

The BizTalk adapter is designed to extend the reach and value of OneWorld and exploit the growth of private business-to-business exchanges and collaborative commerce. AMR Research predicts that most of the $5.7 trillion in B2B Internet commerce by 2004 will pass through private exchanges.

Harold Sunata, marketing manager at JD Edwards, said the move represents an extension of the company's commitment to collaborative commerce. Integration with BizTalk Server 2000 will enable OneWorld and OneWorld Xe users to establish application-to-application and B2B collaboration systems using Microsoft's technologies, he said.

Collaborative B2B commerce and any-to-any integration are the centerpiece of JD Edwards' new strategy as outlined by CEO Edward McVaney. The strategy, designed to differentiate the company from much larger rivals like SAP and Oracle, is built around OneWorld Xe and its extended process integration (XPI) technology. XPI uses a component-based message broker technology to integrate different enterprise applications and enables internal and B2B interoperability.

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