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Product Brief: TIBCO's Turbo XML

Turbo XML is an Integrated Development Environment for developing and managing XML assets, with facilities for creating, validating, converting, and managing XML schemas, files and DTDs.

Part of the TIBCO Extensibility platform which offers a development and deployment environment for XML-based business processes, Turbo XML is a Java-based application, offering an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing and managing XML assets.

Turbo XML supports the W3C XML Schema Recommendation meaning that schemas can be created, edited, validated or converted; additionally, Turbo XML provides an IDE for DTDs, XDR, SOX and BizTalk Schemas and facilities for converting older XML Schemas created using XML Authority.

Features at a glance
* Support for XML Schema
* Support for DTDs
* Graphical interface
* Integrated authoring
* Real-time validation
* Real-time editing
* Batch validation

The integrated development environment allows users to create schemas and DTDs then build XML documents that adhere to them. There is also a management console for performing batch validation, conversion, transformation and reporting on schemas, DTDs, and XML files.

TIBCO also offers a centralized Web accessible repository called Canon/Developer for your DTDs, XML schemas, instance documents, adjuncts, or stylesheets. Using Canon/Developer in conjunction with Turbo XML allows you to associate notations (to versions, staging and metadata) to files stored with in it.

Turbo XML is available for the following operation systems: Windows 95/98/2000 and NT, MacOSX, Linux x86, Solaris SPARC and x86, HU-UX 11.0 and 11i and other UNIX platforms.


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