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Product Brief: The Ipedo XML Database

If you're looking for a way to manage large volumes of XML data, the Ipedo XML Database may be able to help. A native XML Database, it preserves the hierarchical structure of XML documents allowing you to store, manage and access XML content. Read this product brief for more information.

As more developers embrace XML, the amount of XML data continues to grow. Ipedo has created a native XML Database to help handle and manage large volumes of dynamic XML data.

Native XML databases are used in conjunction with relational databases, to speed up application performance. The Ipedo XML Database stores XML data in it's structured, hierarchical form -- since there is no need to map the XML data tree structure to tables, queries can be resolved faster and faulty mappings are prevented.

Features at a glance
*Centralized XML management
*In-Database transformations
*Advanced XML searches and queries
*Built-in performance optimizations
*Easy integration

Ipedo supports XPath-based queries -- XPath is used to search within XML documents at the document, node, element and attribute levels. Searches can be performed on multiple XML documents and the Ipedo XML Database also allows for searching free-form text, specific words, substrings or complex patterns.

Application developers will appreciate XML Database's open, standards-based interfaces including DOM, JAXP, SOAP and Java APIs. Java APIs and adaptors allow you to share XML from a file system or relational database. The Ipedo XML Database is fully compatible with standard schemas and vocalularies such as XHTML, cXML, ebXML, etc.

The Ipedo XML Database also supports stylesheet and in-database XSL transformations, allowing you to customize content presentation of various formats including XHTML and WML.

Ipedo supports Solaris and Windows, and also Linux. Pricing for the Ipedo XML Database starts at $50,000 per server for the Linux and Windows versions. The Solaris version costs $90,000.


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