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Product Brief: Softwired's iBus Family

Product brief: Softwired's iBus Family

Softwired offers a JMS middleware product family called iBus. iBus consists of three products which can be deployed independently of each other, or in combination with each other.

Features at a glance
*Maintenance support patches
*XML message support
*JMS Conformance
*Fully fault-tolerant
*No single point of failure
*Primary/Backup State Tracking

The iBus//MessageBus is server-less, IP-multicast enabled JMS middleware. It provides scalable publish/subscribe communication in Intranets and datacenters. iBus//MessageBus embodies an optimized reliable IP multicast protocol, developed by Softwired.

The iBus//MessageServer supports scalable message queueing and publish/subscribe communication. It also supports security (SSL, Access Control), XML messaging, and XA Transactions. It offers full fault-tolerance through dynamic replication of Softwired's JMS messages database.

Features at a glance
*Configuration wizard
*Administration API
*Wildcard topic subscription
*XML integration
*End to end, guaranteed delivery
*Extensible protocol support

iBus//Mobile consists of a small-footprint JMS client library for J2ME. Also included is an extensible message transformation gateway server. iBus//Mobile maintains JMS topics and queues on the mobile device allowing iBus//Mobile applications to be operated in disconnected mode. Version 2.1 introduces BEA WebLogic Server integration, allowing Enterprise JavaBeans running under control of BEA WebLogic Server to use iBus//Mobile as a wireless JMS messaging service, supporting virtually all wireless and mobile devices.

Softwired positions their iBus products as a "standards-based mobile Java applications platform" emphasizing highly reliable, highly interactive wireless data communications.

Features at a glance
*R3.0 support for KVM as well as J9
*Lightweight JMS client library
*Works on standard Java platforms
*Pub/Sub messaging
*Point-to-Point messaging
*Uses XML and XSL for trans-coding
Their JMS middleware can be deployed on high-end servers, as well as on PDAs and mobile Java-phones and they support various wireless networks such as GSM-Data, SMS, GPRS, CDMA, etc. iBus//Mobile Wireless JMS middleware can also be deployed as an add-on for application servers such as BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, or Sun iPlanet.

Typical application areas of iBus are: mobile workforce applications, scalable real-time information systems, eCommerce, B2B transactions, mobile gaming, etc.


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