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Quick Takes: Web services standards

The Object Management Group is meeting to set new Web services standards and Chutney Technologies is selling a product to attack Web application bottlenecks.

Object Management Group meets

The Object Management Group will meet in Dublin, Ireland, through Nov. 16 to advance more than 20 new standards through the various stages of OMG's adoption process, which typically runs 14 to 18 months.

Two of these standards will define components of the first major revision of the Unified Modeling Language, Release 2.0, the foundation of the Model Driven Architecture. Other modeling standards under review will define new Web services for metadata and support data modeling. Work on infrastructure standards will include coordination of OMG's vendor-neutral standard middleware, the Common Object Request Broker Architecture with firewalls, a protocol linking a network of sensors-on-a-chip with a CORBA system and a mapping from the telecommunications wireless scripting language to OMG Interface Definition Language.

Chutney sells Preloader

Chutney Technologies, based in Atlanta, is shipping the Chutney PreLoader version 4.0. It attacks bottlenecks that persist throughout multi-tier Web application architectures by enabling application code output, such as data elements and programmatic objects, to be re-used, eliminating the need to perform redundant processing, I/O and formatting operations with subsequent requests, the company said. Some of the new capabilities include Snapshot XML support Hot Failover improvements and connection authentication.

Versant joins HP program

Versant Corp., Fremont, Calif., a middleware infrastructure technology provider, has joined Hewlett-Packard's Technology Alliance Program and is developing integration technology with HP's application server products to provide end-users the ability to increase the performance and availability of e-business applications.

IONA unveils Orbix E2A

IONA, based in Waltham, Mass., has unveiled Orbix E2A, a Web services integration platform. Orbix E2A offers both an integration platform and an application server platform to enable customers to create, connect and manage End 2 Anywhere integration solutions, the company said.

Both the Orbix E2A Web Services Integration Platform and Orbix E2A Application Server Platform will be available on Dec. 15, 2001. Pricing for both starts at $495 per license and $2,500 per CPU for a deployment license.

Systinet releases WASP UDDI

Systinet Corp., headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., has released WASP UDDI Standard Edition 3.0, a commercial UDDI V2 compliant registry implementation. WASP UDDI is a full-featured implementation of the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration V2 specification, one of the core Web Services technologies that provides a mechanism to advertise and find Web Services, the company said. It is free for development and test purposes.

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