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Have you visited our sister site, If not, you're missing out on some great content. Below is a sample of 19 recent articles, so click over today and tell 'em searchMiddleware sent ya.

Have you visited our sister site, If not, you're missing out on some great content. Below is a sampling of recent articles appearing there. Click over and tell them searchMiddleware sent you.

Case study: Defrag for less hang time
A construction company achieves a 20% server/workstation performance boost after deploying defragmentation software.

Disk defragmenting dos and don'ts
An administrator shares some tips for improving system performance with disk defragmenting.

News company answers VoIP call
CNET Networks, Inc.'s recent migration to VoIP technology has eased communication between its numerous locations. Find out why and how.

Running Windows applications on Linux could lower
Find out how running Windows on Linux can improve desktop management and lower hardware upgrade costs significantly.

Dos & don'ts of deploying clusters
Do you expect a cluster to do something it can't? Cluster technology expert David Flawn reveals the misconceptions about the capabilities of clusters and offers tips for effective cluster deployment.

Got a complete privacy policy?
Attorney who specializes in privacy issues offers some guidelines for crafting lawful and effective privacy policies.

Are Web services ready for prime time? Part 2
Web services can help some companies increase productivity and cost-savings. But it's not for everyone. Find out why there's so much hype surrounding Web services and how hype backlash could derail the technology.

Microsoft warms to Java
Microsoft isn't exactly hot for Java, but the company has at least warmed up to it a little, having licensed a JDBC driver to connect Java programs to SQL servers.

Take the pain out of deploying Systems Management Server 2.0
Need help taming the SMS beast? SMS expert Bill Anderson offers some tips for effective SMS 2.0 deployment and usage.

Fast NT/2000 and XP recovery tools
Two new products from imagine LAN, Inc. promise to recover the Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems with minor hassle.

Look before you leap into Web services
Find out why one expert thinks businesses should look before they leap into Web services.

Dos and don'ts of deploying, using Microsoft Systems Management Server 2
The "no pain, no gain" principle doesn't have to apply to deploying and using Microsoft's Systems Management Server 2.0, said Microsoft SMS expert Bill Anderson. Here are his tips for pain-free implementations.

Ten Active Directory migration tips
Aelita Software's CEO offers sage advice about migrating from Windows NT and Exchange 5.5 to their successors, Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000.

Case study: Free gobs of time automating patches
Find out how a DBA ended his Saturday night work shifts with a little help from PatchLink Corp.'s security patch automation and management product.

How to prepare for back up success
A network administrator offers the lowdown on how to make sure your back up policy actually works.

Dos and don'ts for managing multiple computing platforms
Running several operating systems on one network? Make this tough job a little easier with these best practices for managing mixed-platform networks.

Network logon security dos and don?ts
Three searchWindowsManageability experts share the keys to logon password policy success.

End cross-platform installation disasters
Installation is the user's first experience with a software program. It's often his first horror story, too. Find out why software developers create faulty installers and how not to botch installations in cross-platform environments.

Headache-free cluster management
Clustering technologies can bring greater reliability, fault-tolerance, availability, and scalability to a distributed computing system. Achieving any one of these goals effectively, however, calls for astute management, said Chris Smith, integration architect for Toronto-based Platform Computing Inc. Poor management of such tasks as assigning user names, creating configurations, and installing applications can derail cluster efficiency. Based on his experience with enterprise clustering projects and Platform's LSF Suite cluster management software, Smith offers these dos and don'ts for cluster management.

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