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Middleware experts say 2002 all about Web services

Middleware experts say 2002 all about Web services

An XML technology pioneer, a product manager for IBM's WebSphere, and the chief executive officer of Web services technology company CapeClear weigh in with their predictions for the year ahead.

Here are their top predictions:

Dr. Charles F. Goldfarb, pioneer of XML technology:

My prediction is that most predictions about middleware or XML will mention "Web services". (Even this one just did!) So I'll predict something that's less obvious: The recent final W3C approval of XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) will raise the standard of presentation style on Web sites to approach the highest print-media quality levels. For the first time this will be achievable dynamically, using an XML-based data representation.

Annrai O'Toole, Cape Clear CEO of Cape Clear:

  • Web services developers will exceed 500,000.
  • Web services will have a major adverse affect on EAI.
  • Emergence of clear leaders in Web services
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Jeff Reser, IBM Product Manager, IBM WebSphere Application Server:

  • Services opportunities for building dynamic e-business infrastructures will continue to grow exponentially for the next 18 months before stabilizing.
  • The biggest technology challenge facing Web application serving in 2002 will be clean integration of Web services and J2EE for business integration.
  • Web application servers will evolve into integration servers encompassing portal serving, content management, adaptive connections, and transaction management.
  • Further re-packaging of Web application servers as integral, core components of specialized offerings will lower vendor revenue potential for the infrastructure (through commoditization of the Web application server) and raise revenue potential for solutions.
  • Open source communities will play major roles in feeding emerging technologies into the specialized solution offerings over and above the base Web application serving.

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