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Quick Takes: Bostech eases communication requirements with XML

In our latest product roundup, Bostech looks to ease communication requirements, Command Prompt launches a document transfer tool and BT Ignite Solutions opens a new XML-based billing gateway.

Bostech releases LINC for Web services

Bostech Corp., an Indianapolis, Ind.-based enterprise application integration (EAI) firm, has released a new LINC, or Library of Intelligent Native Code, for Web services. With LINC, organizations can create simplified access points for various communication requirements.

LINC can tie a wireless device or PDA to back-office information, handle requests from customers for easier Web ordering, or more effectively manage supply chains using XML. Beyond base support for standards like XML, the LINC for Web services utilizes emerging standards such as SOAP and WSDL.

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Command Prompt launches document transfer tool

Portland, Ore.-based Command Prompt, Inc. has released DocPro 0.2.0. DocPro takes SGML/XML-based documents and transforms them into other user-defined formats, such as Postscript or HTML.

DocPro can also transform multiple documents into multiple output formats, and includes a GUI interface for customizing font sizes, margins and callout definitions. DocPro currently runs on x86 Linux only, but versions for YellowDog Linux and MacOS X are in development.

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BT Ignite Solutions opens new XML-based billing gateway

BT Ignite Solutions, the U.K.-based e-business and communications unit within BT Ignite, has released a new XML-based consolidated billing gateway. It is also the first BT Ignite Solutions product to use the BEA WebLogic Server platform.

Currently, BT Ignite Solutions processes corporate orders using several order management and billing systems running on disparate platforms that result in high maintenance costs. The gateway, which was built using SEEC Mosaic Studio, was designed to make it easier and cheaper to launch new products and will improve the order processing by providing an interface between BT Ignite Solutions' order management and billing systems. It is also expected to halve the IT development costs related to new product launches and to reduce maintenance costs by 50%.

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Ericom expands its partner initiatives

Ericom Software, Inc., an e-business connectivity and enterprise application integration (EAI) company based in Closter, N.J., has announced plans to expand its partner programs with systems integrators and independent software vendors to meet a growing demand for EAI.

Ericom plans to expand selected partner and channel relationships by adding more joint marketing, training, education and support offerings to help partners implement and extend the company's application integration products and services. Ericom focuses on training and supporting third-party professionals over the next 12 months from the SI, ISV, OEM, and ASP communities.

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